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The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint is a collection of 5 Powerful Video Templates created by the Team behind Market Samurai 

What Will You Learn From The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint

Video Traffic Template #1 – The Video Listicle

The Video Listicle is a powerful but yet simple formula that is used by YouTube’s most prolific channels like Buzzfeed, WatchMojo, Top Trending and Screen Rant to help them capture over 7 billion views.

Video Traffic Template #2 – The Question & Answer Video

The Question & Answer Video is a template that you can use to help you laser-target those questions that your customers regularly type into Google as they move through the Buying Process, from Prospect, to Lead and to Customer.

This Template is also a focus on Long-Tail Keyword Optimization and will help you to climb onto Google’s Front Page since Videos are strongly favored in Search Results.

Video Traffic Template #3 – The Curated Video Newsletter

The Curated Video Newsletter is a Template that you can use to help you to grow a captive Audience using other People’s content.

This Template will also help you to create Regular Content that hooks your Audience in and keeps them coming back for more!

Video Traffic Template #4 – The Killer Content Video

The Killer Content Video is a Template that helps you to build Rapport and improve your Authority with your Audience.

This Template also comes with the “One-Two Punch” method which will help you to write well structured, concise content that your Audience will love, appreciate and share.

Video Traffic Template #5 – The Product Review Video

The Product Review Video is a Template that will help you to target on Consumers who are looking for Online Reviews before making a Purchase.

This Template will also help you to avoid any conflict with the FTC and how you can address it in all your videos that will actually boost your commissions.

What You Will Get From Each Video Template
  1. A Proven Strategy that you can apply to all your Videos to reach and connect with more people
  2. Step-By-Step Instructions which will help you to fully understand the purpose of each Template and what you need to include in your Videos
  3. A Fill-In-The-Blanks Template that will help you to remove all Guesswork
  4. A Complete Fully-Worked Example that will help you to know exactly how to start and finish each Video

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