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Sell Bulk WhatsApp Sender - Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software v8.1 For $5

Created : 03 Mar 2021 19:23 in Tools
Updated : 03 Mar 2021 21:24
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All transactions in P-Store.Net already using Escrow System so the seller will receive the money only if your transaction is successful. What to buy ? Please read Tutorial How To Buy

  1. Multi Account(Multi Channel

  2. MultiFile Sending

  3. Better Handling

  4. Multi language

  5. Multi Themes

  6. Group Poster

  7. Turbo Mode

  8. Complete solution

  9. Smooth way of sending

  10. Full Source Code

  11. Multi Accounts

  12. Sending Unlimited Messages

  13. Send Multi-multimedia
    message(Photos, Videos , Documents)

  14. Whatsapp Numbers Generator

  15. Whatsapp Numbers Filters(Support

  16. Whatsapp Groups Contacts
    Grabber (Get Whatsapp contacts from groups)

  17. Anti Block Module

  18. Multi text message (reduce
    chance of blocking)

  19. Advanced Internal dialogs
    (reduce chance of blocking)

  20. Sleep Control after X amounts
    of messages

  21. Connection Speed control

  22. delay Between message

  23. Sending Customized Message,
    spintax generator

  24. Import from excel (CSV) and Txt

  25. Save and open saved campaign

  26. Full log for sending process

  27. Full WSTool Send WA messages
    from PC

Bulk Whatsapp Sender
Software Requirement

Below the major requirement for Bulk Whatsapp Sender

  • Chrome Browser

  • .Net Framework 4 or greater

  • Visual Studio .Net 2015 or
    greater (For customization) *optional

  • What you will get when
    you buy this Bulk WhatsApp Sender 2020

  • Bulk Whatsapp Sender

  • Full source code

  • Tutorial How to create

  • Tutorial How to Rebrand/Rename
    Bulk WhatsApp Sender

  • Tutorial How to generate
    license – Reseller

  • Tutorial How to change
    passwords for license key maker

  • How to Avoid Getting
    Banned on whatsapp bulk sender software 2020

    If you are using WhatSender to send a lot of
    messages and you want to protect your whatsapp account we give the following

    1. If possibile, do
    not use your personal account

    2. Just try to use
    your new account for few days sending and receiving and after sending bulk from

    3. Send account number
    (that you want use it to send bulk) as vcard from your personal account with
    friends and family ask them to save it and to message you on it.

    4. When you start send
    bulk from new account start with small bulks

    5. Try to write
    message in a way that recipient do not report it as spam (this is the most
    critical issue with new accounts)

    6. Try to use Multi-Message option
    on the application, which allow you to write same message in different way

    7. Use SpinTax feature to to set an array of words with
    the same meaning (the program randomly will use them)

    8. Use anti block module application
    in Settings (add your numbers and your friends number that you
    usually chat with them and set initiate dialog with them after x amount of

    9. Give your account
    more credibility by joining groups

    10. From Settings, in
    Whatsender, set a small delay between messages

    F.A.Q **************

    Q. Is it safe?

    A. Yes, it is!

    Q. Can I get refund?

    A. No, you can't. Once order is placed you will receive the script.

    Q. How long will your delivery take?

    A. instant !, after the order is immediately sent automatically the file to you

    Q. Will I get updates?

    A. Yes, you will!

    Q. Is there any warranty?

    A. No!


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