Sell Sell Setup Server Linux for Nodejs App multi Domain on VPS For $10

Created : 25 Dec 2019 09:22 in Software
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I am an IT manager with 12 years of experience in the field of security and management of Hosting systems for businesses.

I sell your project installation service pack on linux running many Nodejs App on a VPS.

For only $ 10 you will have 1 Server that can run multi Nodejs App on one server.

You can run websites written on the latest versions of Nodejs that are highly stable.

In addition, we will support you in case of server and nodejs errors in part.

F.A.Q **************

Q: What operating systems support? Ans: Ubuntu

Q: Easy or difficult to operate? Ans: Very simple

Q: Speed ​​of nodejs app? Ans: Depends on the code and hardware such as core number and ram of vps

Q: Security issues like? Ans: Depending on your code, I use nginx as a web server and Nodejs is installed on the latest version of Ubuntu. So there will be high security


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