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Keyword Researcher Pro

It's the only SEO software that helps you find
Long-Tail Keywords and create SEO-Optimized Content for your website.

Keyword Researcher is an easy-to-use Keyword Discover Tool. Once activated, it emulates a human using Google Autocomplete, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google. Each time a partial phrase is entered, Google tries to predict what it thinks the whole phrase might be. We simply save this prediction. And, as it turns out, when you do this for every letter of the alphabet (A-Z), then you're left with hundreds of great Long Tail keyword phrases.

If you have ever used the infamous Google Keyword Planner, then you need to check out Keyword Researcher! And, get ready to say goodbye to the tedium of manually manipulating CSV files--in complicated Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Our app was built by Internet Marketers, for Internet Marketers.

It was designed (from the ground up) to be an all-in-one SEO solution--that allows you to manage both your keywords and website articles.

- Need to manage thousands of keywords?
- Need help writing SEO-Optimized website articles?
- Want to organize an entire SEO website?

Then read on, and get ready to turn confusing keyword data into valuable information.

Selengkapnya tentang Keyword Researcher, dapat agan baca di salespage:
*https:// clevergizmos.com/ keyword-researcher/

1. Search Google
Search for Long Tail Keywords on Google.

2. Search Amazon
Search for Long Tail Keywords on Amazon.
3. Search YouTube
Search for Long Tail Keywords on YouTube.

4. Write SEO-Optimized Content
Use the "Create Content Tab" to write web content and insert the high-value Keywords.
5. Plan a Content Strategy
Assign your Keywords to Articles, and sort your Articles into Categories.

6. Negative Keyword List
A good Negative Keyword List will ensure that undesirable Keywords don't interfere with your project.
7. Advanced Keyword Search
When you have 1000's of Keywords, you need advanced searching functions to make sense of them.
8. Assign your Keywords to a White, Grey, and Black List
Group Keywords into multi-colored lists to keep your project nice and organized.
9. Keyword Tags
Create custom Keyword Tags and assign them to your favorite Keywords for better sorting.
10.Import Google Keyword Planner Files
Drag your Google Keyword Planner CSV files right into your project.

11.Import from Microsoft Excel
Import Keywords and Article Content via Microsoft Excel (XLS) files.
12.Export to CSV and XLS
You can export your Keywords and Content to many formats, including CSV, XLS, and even a WordPress XML file.

F.A.Q **************


Q : Ready Gan?
A : Tentu, silahkan langsung order aja gan, walau sibuk offline ane tetep check lapak online saya kok

Q : Software License kah?
A : Bukan gan ini versi crack jadi agan bs pakai sepuasnya (lifetime)

Q : Apakah ada tutorial cara menggunakannya?
A : Ada gan, komplit beserta video tutorialnya. Hanya saja tutor dalam bahasa inggris



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