Jual Software Pengirim Whatsapp, Email dan SMS Massal untuk Marketing Untuk $7

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Jual Software Pengirim Whatsapp, Email dan SMS Massal untuk Marketing

Sendroid Ultimate is a bulk SMS portal software and SMS reseller tool designed for bulk SMS service providers, SMS resellers and bulk SMS marketers.
Sendroid Ultimate offers complete messaging solution including support for Text Messaging, Voice Messaging, WhatsApp Messaging, Unicode Messaging, Multi-media Messaging (MMS), Flash Messaging and 2-Way Messaging with SMS Chat.
In addition to its super Responsive User Interface and Rich Graphics, Sendroid Ultimate is built with amazing tools and features like; SMS Chat, White-Label Reseller System, Spam Control, Content Filtering, Dynamic/Static Sender ID support, SMS Gateway Cutting, SMS Gateway Hour Limits, Dynamic Routing, Short-code Reselling, SMS Plans, SMS Vouchers, Facebook Login, reCaptcha, Robust APIs and a lot more tools designed to fit perfectly into any bulk SMS business, irrespective of your business model.

Super Responsive User Interface Design
Automatic Updates
SMPP & HTTP Support
Advanced Job Management and Massage Queuing
Dynamic message routing system with multiple gateway support
SMS Chat (Pro license)
White Label Reseller System (Pro license)
Message Scheduling with Repeated Scheduling feature
Online Payment Gateway (PayPal, 2checkout, Stripe, PayStack, GTPay, etc)
Friendly SMS Gateway API Integration wizartd
Multiple Currency Support
Installable Modules & Ad-dons
SMS Rate Management

fitur lengkap : https://codecanyon.net/item/sendroid-ultimate-sms-whatsapp-2way-voice-messaging-script-with-whitelabel-reseller-system/21181585


video tutorial

video demo

F.A.Q **************

apakah aplikasi ini legal ?

ya legal dan sah

apa fungsi aplikasi ini ?

untuk mengirim bulk sms, email dan pesan whatsapp dengan tujuan marketing

apakah aplikasi ini tersedia ?

ya tersedia, silahkan dipesan

berupa apa ?

full source code php

apakah yang didapat selain source code penuh ?

purchase code ! ini yang belum tentu anda dapatkan di toko lain yang menjual software serupa

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