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Get Keyword Analysis Tool Market Samurai 0.94.21 Lifetime Premium License (Paid Version) with Login Emails & Registration Keys

99% of Marketers FAIL To Rank In The Search Engines
Because They Violate One Or More of The4 UNBREAKABLE Golden Rules of SEO…Market Samurai - Find Content, Backlinks, Domains & More Smartly

You break just one of these rules, and all the time, effort, money, blood sweat and tears that you’ve poured into your project, might as well have been poured down the toilet.

That’s why we’re going to show you what these 4 golden rules are, and we’re going to give you a piece of software called Market Samurai…

…Market Samurai will help you find those gold nugget opportunities that exist in your marketplace. Plus it’s going to help you avoid dead end projects before you even begin.

To discover these four Golden Rules for yourself, Just enter your name and email in box to the right.

Over the next few days

you’ll also discover:How to increase your traffic by over 900%How to avoid the common keyword trap that can ruin all your hard work – without you even realisingThe ONE key indicator to uncover the relevancy of your keywordsHow to greatly reduce people leaving your site because they don’t find what they’re looking forHow to filter out the useless keywords guaranteed to cost you time and moneyThe Truth about Keywords: Why 90% of all keywords have low levels of traffic, and what this means for your businessThe One Big Mistake in most Keyword Research and SEO tools that causes marketers to fail (Getting no traffic, even IF they get #1 Google rankings!)How much traffic you’ll get to your web-site from a keyword, before you beginAdvanced strategies for finding relevant, high-traffic, high-quality keywords in your marketThe two vital ingredients that mean front-page rankings, in days or weeks – instead of months or years – and how to check for these 2 factors in just 5 minutesHow to determine exactly what SEO activities you need to do (and what to avoid) to beat the top-ranked competitors in your industryReal examples of market niches with massive traffic levels… but almost ZERO commercial value (keyword “land mines” to be avoided at any cost!)The TINY differences in keyword wording that can mean the difference between big success, and failureThe one key indicator to uncover the value of a keyword market in 10 seconds – before you even target the keywordHow to take an idea and filter it down to reveal gold nugget keywords that form the foundation for your online business in under 10 minutesA proven way to structure your website that search engines loveA Simple process that you can use, today, tomorrow, and the day after 


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1.first open extract with winzip or winrar, and read the guides in the file txt


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