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Asset Management App is a tool that has a function to manage company assets. We build Asset Management App using Laravel Framework and MySQL as a data record (database).

Excellent Features

  1. Dashboard
  2. Supplier Management
  3. License Management
  4. Categories
  5. Brands
  6. Locations
  7. Statuses
  8. Assets Management
  9. Put asset to many locations
  10. Assets History
  11. Report Asset by Value
  12. Report Asset by Location
  13. Report Asset by Specific Location
  14. Sending Message to Another User
  15. User Permissions
  16. User Roles
  17. Team Management
  18. User Management
  19. Setting Company Profile

Update History

04.06.2021 - Asset v 1.14

- Make Asset History Detail on Dashboard Page

- Fixing Module Asset History

24.05.2021 - Asset v 1.13

- Add Accounting Report Show Asset by Specific Location

21.05.2021 - Asset v 1.12

- Update on Asset by Location

- Update on Asset by Value

- Update on Access

20.05.2021 - Asset v 1.11

- Bug Fixed on Supplier

- Bug Fixed on License Management

16.05.2021 - Asset 1.10

- Colorful Dashboard

- Fixing bug on License Management

- Fixing Assets Management

- Add Accounting menu

- Report Asset by Value

- Report Asset by Location

- Automatic Print Preview

04.05.2021 - Asset 1.9

- Adding status total asset

- Asset in Location and adding a new procedure Put Asset to Location

29.04.2021 - Asset 1.8

- Generate QRCode

19.04.2021 - Asset 1.7

- Simplelize UI when adding new asset

18.04.2021 - Asset 1.6

- Add total unit price

- Fixing dashboard information

17.04.2021 - Asset 1.5

- Add Asset Code on asset module

16.04.2021 - Asset 1.4

- Add Quantity on asset module

15.04.2021 - Asset 1.3

- Add Brands module

14.04.2021 - Asset 1.2

- Bug Fixed media library

13.04.2021 - Asset 1.1

- Add Message module

12.04.2021 - Asset 1.0

- Initialized Version

F.A.Q **************


Q: Do I get support/warranty after purchasing this app?

A: Yes. You have 6 months of warranty after the purchase and help support if any trouble. ---

Q: Can you help me to modify this app?

A: Sure we can help you to modify the app to adjust to your needs.---

Q: Can I install this app on localhost?

A: Yes you can. If you have any trouble, we can help you.---

Q: I don't have a web server can you help me to prepare everything for me?

A: Sure. We can help you. We have a suitable web hosting for all apps that we made.


Q: Apakah saya mendapatkan dukungan/garansi setelah membeli aplikasi ini?

A: Ya. Anda akan mendapatkan 6 bulan garansi setelah membeli aplikasi kami dan kami support jika ada trouble.---

Q: Bisakah Anda membantu saya memodifikasi aplikasi ini?

A: Tentu, kami bisa membantu Anda memodifikasi aplikasi Asset management sesuai dengan kepentingan Anda.---

Q: Bisakah saya install di localhost?

A: Bisa. Jika kesulitan kami akan bantu instalasi menggunakan remote.---

Q: Saya tidak memiliki server untuk aplikasi ini, bisakah Anda membantu saya mempersiapkan segalanya?

A: Tentu. Kami siap membantu Anda mempersiapkan semuanya mulai dari server hingga instalasi aplikasi. Kami memiliki web hosting yang cocok bagi aplikasi yang telah kami buat.


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