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Sell Laravel Queue In Action Book For $20

Created : 03 Feb 2021 02:44 in Script & Programming
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Sure! This eBook is a collection of real-world challenges with solutions that actually run in production. These are challenges I met while building products at Laravel and others collected while supporting the framework users for the past four years.

But before the challenges—and because every good technical book includes a crash course—we will explore the key components of a queue system, see how queues are used in Laravel, and understand why we need to use them.

Keep Going

I wrote this book with three goals in mind; I wanted it to be:

Practical; more code than talk.

Short; comprehensive yet concise.

Good looking.

We studied differential equations in high school, but because we couldn't see any use case for them, they were forgotten minutes after the final exam, right? To fix that, I covered every queue configuration and technique by using it to solve a real-world problem.

I also show you the rough edges by hitting them. We'll sit in a flight simulator and let our plane crash before I explain why we crashed and how to avoid that.

Regarding the good looking part. You will get the book PDF in two versions; light and dark. I put a lot of effort into making both versions nice to look at. Because I believe a technical book doesn't have to look boring.

Inside the book, I'm going to show you how you may solve problems like:

Handling a long-running report generation job.

Dispatching and monitoring a large batch of jobs.

Dealing with strict API rate limits.

Minimizing the effect of external failure by using circuit breakers and bulkheading.

Managing jobs with high priority.

Preserving a strict order of data processing.

Handling a complex workflow that involves parallel and sequential jobs.

Choosing the right queue driver for your application.

Handling job failure.

Scaling workers in response to variable loads.

Keeping the worker processes running.

Recovering from crashes.

Choosing the right machine—in terms of CPU/Memory—for running workers.

Processing queues in a serverless environment.

... and more!

F.A.Q **************

F.A.Q **************

# Apakah $20 adalah harga untuk ebook ?

Ya benar, anda mendapatkan ebook

# Apa aja yang anda Dapatkan

Ebook Format PDF, Light and Dark Version

# Cheap?

Yes ! exactly

# Garansi?

tidak ada garansi dalam bentuk apapun!!

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