Jual Laravel 6 & Vue JS SaaS Starter kit Untuk $20

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SaaSWeb, provides the Ultimate starter kit for single and multi tenant SaaS project on top of Laravel and Vue.js framework.

It will help you rapidly build your Software as a Service application. Out of the box : Authentication, Subscriptions, Billing, Team management, Invoices, Support ticket, Notifications, User Profiles, landing page, API, two-factor authentication, Statistics, Visitor log, Env editor, Admin Panel to manage Plans, Coupons, Roles, Permissions and so much more !
Written in clean PHP code, based on the latest version of Laravel framework and Vue.

Instead of developing your SaaS project from scratch, you can choose to start with our script & use the basic features with few clicks

Email: [email protected] and Password: admin123

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Card number: 4242424242424242
Exp date: Any date in the future
CVC: any 3 digit code.
ZIP: Any 5 digit zip code.

F.A.Q **************

Can I get a refund?

-> Unfortunately not, Once you buy the starter kit you will receive it immediately and there is no refund.

Can I use the code for more than one project?

-> No, You will have to re-purchase the new license for it

Do I get the full codebase after my purchase?

-> Yes, and you can customize it in any way you like

Is there a demo online?

->  Yes, we do have

Email: [email protected] and Password: admin123

Is there documentation online?

-> Yes, we do.



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