Sell Flix App Movies Dengan Startapp dan Appodeal Ads For $50

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Updated : 12 Jan 2021 21:03
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All transactions in P-Store.Net already using Escrow System so the seller will receive the money only if your transaction is successful. What to buy ? Please read Tutorial How To Buy


  1. Appodeal Ads : Banner / Interstitial / Native / Rewarded Video
  2. Startapp Ads : Banner / Interstitial / Native
  3. Add Group Telegram
  4. Splash ScreenIntro Pages
  5. Slider in home page (Link,Category,Tv Serries , Live TV Channels …)
  6. Featured TV Live Channels
  7. Top Rated TV Series
  8. Popular TV
  9. SeriesTV Series Page : filtre with genre and order with views , title , rating , year ….TV
  10. Live Channels Page : filtre with categories and countries
  11. Downladed Eposides
  12. Share Content with smart Share system
  13. Add TV series to My List
  14. Rate TV Series / TV Live Channels
  15. Comment TV Series / TV Live Channels
  16. Seasons List
  17. Episodes List
  18. Related Video
  19. Download Tv Series
  20. Download and convert m3u8 to mp4
  21. Download From Multi Sources
  22. Cast TV Live Channel On Big Screen TV
  23. When casting Control Your TV By Controller integrated in app
  24. Cast Subtitles On Big Screen TV
  25. Play TV series / TV Live channles
  26. Play Video with multi sources m3u8 / mp4 / mov / Youtube / mkv / Embed Video / WebM
  27. Play Video portrait or landscape
  28. Zoom In to play video full screen on 16:9 Display
  29. Search TV Series / TV Live Channels by using title,keywords…
  30. Sign-in/Sign-up with GoogleSign-in/Sign-up With Facebook
  31. Sign-in/Sign-up With Phone NumberLoad more on scroll
  32. Notification by using firebase
  33. privacy policy,Contact us pages
  34. Settings (Notification , Cache …)
  35. Subscription to delete Ads
  36. Subscription to Unlock Premium content
  37. Ask to rate app when exit
  38. Ask Update when new update available


PHP Version 5.6/5.8/7.0/7.1

Apache server

MySQL Database

Hosting/Server with cpanel/WHM recommended

F.A.Q **************

Q : Apa yang akan saya dapatkan ?

A: Sebuah Source Code dan Dokumentasi (tutorial)

Q: Apa Software untuk mengedit source code ini?

A: Source code ini menggunakan Android Studio

Q: Bisakah menambahkan tv indonesia ?

A: Bisa banget

Q: Apakah Nanti dapat Update
A: Tentu Saja, selama dari Developer nya Update, kami Akan Kirimkan file update nya

Q:Kenapa Lebih Mahal Dari Yang lain

A:Karena Ini Sudah Di Modif, Jadi tidak Menggunakan Ads dari Admob ataupun Dari Facebook

Seperti Yang asli, saya Mengganti ads dengan Ads Dari Appodeal Dan Startapp yang sedikit Lebih    Aman Dari Suspend

Q: Pertanyaan saya tidak ada di atas?

A: Bisa tanyakan lewat chat, akan kita layani dengan baik

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