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Learn how to build larger-than-average Laravel applications and maintain them for years to come.

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  1. 100+ pages of premium content
  2.  2 hours of video


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Learn how to build larger-than-average Laravel applications and maintain them for years to come.

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Videos & ebook



 100+ pages of premium content

 2 hours of video

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 All beautifully designed

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You'll face a unique set of problems while building larger-than-average applications. In this course, I'll share our thought process and solutions. This way, you'll be able to solve the problems unique to your team and project.

Join me as I start building a Laravel project from scratch. I'm sure you can pick up some new techniques, regardless of the size of projects you're working on.

Brent Roose, author

What's inside?

The knowledge in this course is built from the years of experience our team has building large, robust applications.

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The ebook is your guide for building large maintainable Laravel applications. Along the way, you'll be introduced to concepts like DDD and hexagonal design, all while still embracing Laravel's focus on elegant code. The book is beautifully designed by Sebastian De Deyne.

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During 2 hours of video Brent talks you through the content of the book with lots of practical examples and live coding. Serious content, brought in Brent's enthusiastic manner!


Domain oriented Laravel

Most principles in this course are based on best practices in domain driven design, and hexagonal architectures. These proven principles will be our guide throughout building large Laravel applications. Some of the theoretical topics we'll cover include:

The basic idea of domain groups explained

Practically applying DDD and hexagonal architecture principles in Laravel projects

When to use domains, and when to stick to Laravel's default structure

Thinking of "data" and "functionality" as two first-class citizens of your codebase

The state pattern to model complex, state-specific, flows

The difference between application and domain code

Writing robust code by using types and static analysis

In practice

We're nothing with only theory if we can't apply it in practice. This course focuses highly on combining the two: in each episode we'll do live coding, and build a project from the ground up:

Keeping model classes small and clean

Structuring complex queries

Passing data around in a structured way using Data Transfer Objects

How to make code reusable by using actions

Improving code clarity by using meaningful names

Keep controllers light by using view models

Adding behaviour to collections

Testing actions, DTOs and model-related classes

Using enhanced test factories to seed data for every scenario

Using PhpStorm's refactoring tools to manage classes and namespaces

Scaffold different types of classes using PhpStorm templates

For everyone

While the main focus of this course lies on larger projects, there are many principles in it that you can apply today, in your own projects, even when they aren't large at all. We've used many of these principles ourselves, also in our smaller projects:

Data transfer objects always have a significant impact, regardless of project size

Whatever type of project, you will be dealing with controllers, so view models will improve your workflow

Actions are a structured solution for code that would otherwise end up spread across the project

Even the smallest MVC app also deals with querying models, understanding Laravel's query builders will be an asset

Most principles in this course can be cherry-picked by you to solve your problems. Nothing is set in stone: there are no hard rules, only guidelines

F.A.Q **************

F.A.Q **************

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Ya benar, anda mendapatkan ebook dan video

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Ebook Format PDF, Video HD

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Yes ! exactly

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