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Buku Ebook Django for Beginners/APIs/Professionals.


Terdapat 3 buku dalam paket ini

- Django for Beginners

- Django for APIs

- Django for Professionals

Anda akan mendapatkan 3 buku hanya dengan harga $30, harga asli buku ini di leanpub adalah $117.

1. Django for beginners

Build websites with Python and Django

A step-by-step guide to creating web applications in Python and Django 2.2.

Build, test, and deploy 5 increasingly complex websites, including the Bulletin Board app, the Blog app with user accounts, and the robust Newspaper app with reader comments and a complete user registration process.

Along the way, you will learn the main features and best practices of Django regarding models, views, templates, URLs, custom user models, permissions, authorizations, user registration, testing and development.

Topics include:

Django 2.2 and Python 3.7

Pipenv for virtual environments

Templates / URL

Class-based views

User Authentication

user model




2. Django for API

Build web APIs with Python and Django

Learn how to build web APIs using Python and Django 2.2.

Take a modern API-based approach to create 3 different Django backend: library API, Todo API, and blogging API with user authentication, permissions, related documentation, and more. You will even learn how to hook them up to the React frontend for a truly fully functional web application.



Chapter 1. Web API

Chapter 2: Library Website and API

Chapter 3: Todo API

Chapter 4: Todo React Front-end

Chapter 5: API Blog

Chapter 6: Permissions

Chapter 7: User Authentication

Chapter 8: Viewsets and Routers

Chapter 9: Diagrams and Documentation

3. Django for professionals

Building websites with Python and Django

After learning the basics of Django, there is a huge gap between building simple "toy applications" and what it takes to create a "go-to-go" web application suitable for deployment by thousands or even millions of users.

This book details how professional Django programmers do their jobs and build real web applications. We will build an online bookstore from scratch that supports purchases through Stripe. And we will cover the following topics in detail:

* Django 2.2 and Python 3.7

* advanced user registration: custom user models, social authentication

* Docker & PostgreSQL locally

* environment variables (no more than a few configuration files!)

* permissions and uploading files / images

* Stripe for orders

* Search

* safety and performance

* deployment

F.A.Q **************

F.A.Q **************

===> F.A.Q

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