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Jual Astra Premium WordPress The Untuk $2

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Astra – Fast, Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme 


You want a WordPress theme that helps your site load fast…but you also want the design flexibility to create a great-looking site that helps you meet your business goals.

In the past, it was hard to find a WordPress theme that could do both. You either went with a lightweight framework, like Genesis, or you shelled out for a mega theme that let you do a ton, but also slowed your site down with bloat.

Thankfully, a new breed of WordPress themes have managed to package design flexibility in a lightweight package that won’t slow your site down.

The Astra theme from Brainstorm Force is at the forefront of that pack. It gives you heaps of pre-built demo sites, tons of controls in the real-time WordPress Customizer, plus a lot more, in a surprisingly lightweight format that will have your site loading pretty dang fast.

Let me present some of the key areas in which the Astra theme excels over other themes in the WordPress marketplace.

  1. Built for speed: The Astra theme is built taking speed into consideration. It’s built from the ground to be sleek, lightweight, and not impact the page load times. I’ll be explaining how the page load times of Astra Pro compares with other themes shortly.
  2. Best theme for page builders: Astra Pro is the theme that’s specially built from ground-up to be perfectly compatible with popular page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, and others.
  3. Modular approach: One thing I liked about Astra Pro is that they neatly organize their features in the form of modules. As the theme comes with literally hundreds of features, you can disable the features by deactivating the modules. This approach also helps the developers to add new features to the theme relentlessly.
  4. Developer friendly: As the Astra Pro theme comes with abilities to add hooks and filters, it is super-easy for developers to extend the functionality of the theme without touching the base code.
  5. White-label option: Astra Pro comes with the white-label option. This is very helpful for agencies to do their own custom branding. This is an option that’s something that’s rare to see in pro version of the themes.


I'm giving you all GPL version of these Theme & Plugin. 

1. Jannah Newspaper Theme

2. Gridlove Theme

3. Yoast SEO Plugin

4. Pixwell theme

5. WP Rocket Plugin

F.A.Q **************

Q: How long this product available?

A: The product will continue to be available as long as this product is in the p-store.

Q: The product can be used on many blogs?

A: Unlimited.

Q: Are the products being sold genuine?

A: it's 100% genuine product.

Q: Are you give me the license?

A: Obviously, I will give you the license.

Q: Is this product legal?

A: Yes, The products I sell are 100% legal protected by the GPL license. You can read more about the GPL at

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