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Jual WP Plugin Pack V.02 Untuk $1

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Setiap transaksi di P-Store.Net sudah otomatis menggunakan sistem Escrow (Rekening Bersama) jadi selama proses jual/beli dana berada di P-Store.Net & akan diserahkan ke seller saat transaksi terkonfirmasi sukses. Ingin berbelanja ? Silahkan baca Tutorial Cara Berbelanja

WP Plugin Pack V.02

1. Coupon Pro

Features :
WP Plugin
Easy to install & use Wordpress plugin. Get started right away, and start creating viral offline coupons...

Easily Create Offline Printable Coupons
Create coupons you can print to give to offline customers with a QR code to share the coupon on facebook...

QR Ready Coupon Code System
Easily allow your clients customer to share the coupons with a easy QR code they can scan and share the coupon in seconds...

Mobile Landing Page
Easily create a mobile landing page where you can reveal a coupon code once they share the coupon on facebook...

Facebook Share Reveal New Coupon Code
You can grow your clients facebook fan page likes by allowing their customers to share their FB page to reveal a better coupon code! Straight from their mobile phone!

HTML Mobile Site OR Image Only Mobile Site
You can create a nice html mobile site, or a have more freedom to create a graphic coupon mobile page & graphic mobile reveal coupon...

Mobile Site View Tracking & Facebook Share Stats
You will be able to see how many times your mobile coupon page was viewed and how many people shared the coupon!

Helpful Tutorial Guides
Get started right away, and read our helpful tutorial guide on how setup a Facebook app to connect with your WP plugin!

Yes, just for the low price of $9, you can also get Developers license! You can use this for as many projects as you want. Unlimited domains!

2. Spark Engine

Build Any Web Page Yourself in Only Minutes
Web Page Editor in Your Web Browser
See a Video Landing Page Built in 30 Seconds

Wordpress Remixed
Use any of your existing wordpress blogs or setup a new install to control a website with sparkEngine. Makes wordpress a CMS that is really easy to use!

Inline Editing
Using all-new HTML5 features you can edit all your content right in your web page -- you literally get a "What You See is What You Get" Experience.

Edit the Headlines, Bold, add Images, edit HTML, embed Media, center text and much more. Super simple toolbar with a ton of power behind it!

Easy to Use
Use the extra toolbar to add column templates, edit background, edit page elements and even change the typography on the fly!

Newbie Friendly
Made for newbies to forget HTML and just create pages that they can manage with ease. Without frustration or any pain.

Page Management
Manage all of your spark pages inside an admin panel and connect them to any wordpress page to display with pretty URL.

Edit and Delete
You can edit and delete any of your pages with one click. All in one place to make management as simple and easy as possible.

Full Page Control
You do have complete control to create any type of page that you want. Just use the tools provided and you can make anything!

How it Works:

Built on Open Source CKEditor
The text editing toolbar is using CKEditor (open source plugin) that allows you to add your own images, make the text bold, add headings, and more.
The bottom toolbar is completely unique that gives you even more power to create stellar web pages in only minutes using the unique sparkEngine wordpress plugin.

Complete Control
You can change the background, css styles on elements and fonts in only a few clicks. Add content and delete it with complete ease.

Add Layouts Instantly
Add different types of column templates 2 columns (left - right), 1 column, all the way up to 4 columns to build pages really fast.

Build Inside Your Web Browser
What you see is what you get has never been more true than now with the SparkEngine wordpress plugin that allows you to build web pages using HTML5 editor and full content management.

Your secret weapon for your web clients...
You can use this to create website for yourself or anyone you want!

Embed Your Media & Edit Instantly
Add your own images, videos, and all kind of widgets that include SoundCloud and more just by adding the URL to the media. Change the height and width of your media on the fly to fit your web page.
Isn't that amazing? It's all made possible with SparkEngine for Wordpress

Manage Pages Inside Wordpress
You can add, edit and delete your custom pages on the fly. Manage them all inside of your wordpress blog so that you have simple easy access to all your spark pages.
You can put any of your custom pages to your wordpress pages at any time with this super easy to use wordpress plugin.

Pretty URLs and CMS-Ready
Add any of your custom spark pages to any of your wordpress pages instantly so that you can control the pretty URL and the title for each of your pages. You can see the option at the top right of your wordpress pages.
Add unlimited amount of custom pages and connect them to unlimited amount of wordpress pages. Use sparkEngine as a Content Management System and even make a home page with many inner pages.

3. In line Promo Plugin

Features :

Inline Promo Settings
In the Insert Post Element settings, you will find several ways to
customize your promotional text.

1. In the Inner Content field, paste or type in the text you are
wanting to highlight with the Inline Promo plugin.
Note: You can use html here.

2. In the Top Offset setting, enter the percentage from the top of the
page that you would like displayed before your inline promo text
appears in the page/post. For example, if you enter 75, then the
viewer would have to scroll down 75% of the page before your
promo text appears. Note: The default is 50% from the top if left

3. In the Date until visible field, enter the date that you would like
the promo text visible until. For example, if you enter 11/1/15, the
inline promo text will stop displaying on that date.

4. In the Box background color field, you can select a color for the
background of the inline promo text box.

5. In the Border color field, you can select a color for the border
around the inline promo text box.

6. In the Border size field, you can select the thickness of the border
surrounding the inline promo text box.

7. In the Border type field, you can select whether you would like
the border solid or dashed

Demo : https: // QrG0lLaOyUo

F.A.Q **************

F . A . Q

Q : Ready Gan?
A : Ready donk.

Q : 3 in 1 Plugin gan?
A : Bukan, tapi ini paket plugin beli 1 dapat 3.

Q : License nya apa gan?
A : Develover lecense gan.

Q : Ada option plugin yang lainnya gan?
A : Ada, nanti juga muncul di etalase lapak ini.


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