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Jual PHPMELODY V3.0 update Untuk $5

Dibuat : 04 Agu 2019 10:49 di Script & Programming
Diperbarui : 22 Okt 2019 22:09
Dilihat : 357x

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The latest update accepts the update on any version 2.7 and above

Name: PHP Melody

Version: v3.0

License: Paid but for your eyes free

Official website of the script:

Script function: View, share and upload videos and audio to your site such as YouTube

Script Features:

Lightness and speed to enjoy and watch

Advanced seo system


Works on any server and does not require complex libraries

Easy and fast upload and embed video and audio

Ease of management of ships

Easy to use script in general

Comprehensive advertising system for video and script

Support many audio and video formats

Easy archiving

Possibility of placing an infinite number of sections

The possibility of putting the words of the guide for the duration in the supervision

And more more features

F.A.Q **************

  1. Is there a preview link
  2. I have a script less than 2.7 how I update؟ Don't worry ask for an update version - and above for an extra $ 2
  3. You could get updates after purchase؟ Yes for 6 months any update will be sent to you
  4. Is the installation difficult ؟ Do not hyped upload files using FTP programsAnd accept the dusty files
  5. Can you help me with the installation? Yes and free
  6. Can I request a larger version?Yes for $ 2
  7. Can I ask Melody Mobil? Yes 3 $ The latest version

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