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Sell install Play Poster Plugins and Themes on your wp site For $15

Created : 04 Jul 2019 15:48 in Script & Programming
Updated : 31 Dec 2019 08:19
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Play Poster v1.1

Demo URL:

Easy Ways to Make Web Downloads Without Uploading Files

Make Zaman Download Web now without having to upload files, and it's just as easy as moving the mouse.

Tired of Manually?

The Old Age is certainly different from the Age of Now in how to make a website download. According to personal experience, I first had to download the file, then upload it again by adding a watermark to the file.

Of course it is very problematic, including wasteful quotas, wasteful time and the most problematic is wasteful of energy .

I had thought about how that three things could be solved automatically , but it seems that at that time I didn't really understand the technique I was now doing, and how to make it completely automated. Like automatic articles, automatic images, and the most important is an automatic download file WITHOUT MUST STORE FILE ON SERVER . Which is of course all automatic but still friendly to the space / storage server that we rent.

Then what about friendliness with search engines like Google? Learn from the experiences of the temperature and own research that the famous identical auto / AGC / autoblog content is easily deindexed ?. Until this writing was made, we were truly convinced that the Plugins that we made were more friendly to Google as a search engine. Forget about AGC which is at risk of DEINDEX in search engines. And of course you can find out for yourself similar webs that like play posters can last up to many years perched on the pages of search engines, even adsense and safe ads can be fitted.

Play Poster gives you the convenience of creating thousands of websites without having to think about how to fill in the content, because you only have to set-up in minutes to produce thousands or even hundreds of thousands of content to fill thousands of websites that you manage and schedule and run automatically .

F.A.Q **************

Many interesting features from Play Poster

You will be facilitated in managing thousands of websites with various MAGIC FEATURES from Play Poster.

Automatic Generate Post

A collection of millions of App ID playstores that are ready to run to make automatic posts, and you just sit back and relax because then the machine will work to make the article automatic.

Campaign for Autoblog

Take control of automatic article scheduling through campaigns that can adjust auto article schedules based on minute settings.

One Click Grab Apps ID

It's easy to get apps ID from the playstore, as easy as moving your computer mouse.

Bulk Post Apps

Want to directly publish thousands of articles without scheduling the campaign, one click and automatically creating articles.

Filter Grab Apps by Category

Easily get apps data based on application categories, and Play Poster has these features.

Automatic Category Post

No need to manually create categories for automatic publish articles, because Play Poster will automatically create categories.

Get Apps by Search

Search for applications in the playstore by name, then once click to get the ID.

Auto Generate Download LINK's

Here you only schedule thousands of articles, then Play Poster which will create an automatic download link.

Customize Post Template

Create templates for automatic articles, custom with the sourcecode we have provided on the post template page.

Save Image in Sarver

This option will affect Onpage SEO because the server stores image data, BUT there is also the Hotlink image option.

Hotlink Image

Your storage server is very small, quiet ... because in Plugins Play Posters you only make posts with hotlink images.

Smart Download Timing

This smart feature prevents any other web from using our download link on their blog, because the download link continues to change AUTOMATICALLY every 24 hours.

FREE Update & Support

Don't be confused if there are obstacles with plugins, because it can be solved with an update to the new version, or we can also support the problems of our products.



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