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Jual Facebook clone Premium harga asli 50$ jadi Untuk $2

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Apakah anda ingin membuat website social network yang keren seperti facebook?

saya menawarkan anda untuk mencoba social network php dolphin

anda bisa melihat detail produk di

User Features
NEWS FEED – The News Feed page keeps you up to date
with the latest status updates of your friends, birthdays and
activities, shows friends suggestions and more.

PROFILES – The Profile page features cover and profile
images, information about the user, friends list, liked messages,
visited locations as well as the user’s timeline.

GROUPS – With Groups you can create and manage
communities, stay in touch with the members, share statuses, get
notifications when something is posted.

PAGES – With pages you can create pages to promote your
brand, community, company, etc. as well as keeping your fan base up to
date with your activity.

MESSAGES – Share your life moments, photos, music,
videos, movies, places, visited locations, with the public, your friends
or privately.

LIVE CHAT – Communicate with your friends in real-time
with our multi-windows chat, share your thoughts, photos, emojis, take
camera shots and more.

SEARCH – Instant search allows searching for People,
#Hashtags, @Pages and !Groups, the results can be filtered using various
parameters to match your needs.

NOTIFICATIONS – The advanced notifications system keeps
you up to date with the activity of your friends, get notified on
Likes, Comments, Shares, Group Invites, and more.

CONNECT – Your users can easily register and log-in on
your website with a simplified registered form. Facebook integration
also allows to quickly connect with just two clicks.

Admin Features
DASHBOARD – The Dashboard shows quick statistics about
the evolution of the current day along with graphs of the last 7 days,
site information and more.

SITE SETTINGS – Completele website control with tons of
options such as captcha, word banning, emoticons, accounts per ip,
dynamic timestamps, user settings and more.

THEMES – The built-in theme system allows to switch
between themes in an instant, changing your website appearance to a
fresh new look.

PLUGINS – The built-in plugins system allows to add new
functionality to your website in order to offer a better experience for
your users.

LANGUAGES – The built-in language system allows your user to feel at home by providing a quick way to switch between multiple languages.

MANAGE USERS – Manage your users, view and change
general account information, verify, delete or suspend users, everything
with a few clicks.

MANAGE GROUPS – Manage the groups created by users, view the number of members in a group, change general group settings or delete them.

MANAGE PAGES – Manage the pages created by users, view
the number of likes and the page admin, change general pages settings,
verify or delete them.

MANAGE REPORTS – Manage the reported messages or
comments with ease, get summary statistics, view the reported content
and take appropriate actions.

SITE STATISTICS – Get insight statistics of your
website activity such as registered users, posted messages, comments,
likes, shares and groups created.

ADVERTISEMENT – The predefined advertisement spots
allows you to easily insert your 3rd party ad-unit code in various
locations on your website.

F.A.Q **************

Q : Apa yang saya dapatkan ketika order ?

A : Php Social network update (1 februari 2019)

Q : Apakah saya mendapat update pluginnya ?

A : iya jika ada update terbaru bisa request via chat

Q:apakah mendapat support ?

A: tidak

Q : Apakah ini plugin nulled ?

A : Tidak, ini plugin premium beli dari Codecanyon. Nanti akan kami sertakan purchase code untuk aktivasi plugin


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