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Jual Tempalte WordPress Newsmag 3.4 Lesensi GPL Untuk $1

Dibuat : 03 Peb 2019 00:21 di Script & Programming
Diperbarui : 25 Mar 2019 19:53
Dilihat : 731x

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Jual Tempalte WordPress Newsmag 3.4 Lesensi GPL


[ Version 3.4 ]

- new: speed booster plugin version. Please update it if you use it.

- new: options for google font weights and styles. The theme will only load the needed font weights and styles from now on

- improvement: better plugin descriptions and help text

- improvement: all big grids now show a nice error message when they don't fit in the layout of the site. (when used on one column or two)

- fix: added various missing translations to the translation panel

- fix: some block templates where not able to change color on firefox due to a scoped style

- fix: we removed the offset from ajax requests, this provides a better user experience with the theme and the filters

- fix: the global modal window now ignores pictures with external links. Before this update, the modal windows was trying to open the external link

- fix: the jetpack sorting method on blocks now works as expected again

- fix: instagram images aligment issues

- fix: all embeds that overflow content on small screens are now fixed

- improvement: theme panel layout and spacing is much improved now

- improvement: inline ad displays at the last paragraph whenever there are not as many paragraphs mentioned in After Paragraph field and the article bottom ad is not active

- improvement: we updated the list of compatible plugins in the theme

- fix: update the instagram icon

- fix: the password reset link that was sent from our login modal window was not working

- fix: we switched to https all the post sharing links

- fix: the not secured warning in chrome only appears now when the login box is opened

- fix: theme action error in the status panel when the theme is already activated

- fix: featured images from vimeo videos are now larger

- fix: ajax login works now via https

- fix: the sample plugin that shows how to add new modules and blocks works as expected now. It was giving a fatal error


Saya hanya menjual Template, cara pasang dan lain-lainya itu di serhakan pada pembeli


F.A.Q **************

Q : apakah masih ada ?

A : selama posing ini masih ada

Q : ada garansi ?

A : tidak mas

Q : Berapa Lama pengiriman ?

A : secepatnya dengan hadir notifikasi

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