Sell Script youtube mp3 grabber & anti limit video no fire (with mp3 player and sitemap.xml) For $4

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Updated : 05 Feb 2019 11:27
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Website demo script :

(many songs. I haven't extended the website)

Hello everyone, here I will sell responsive mp3 grabber scripts and videos

Why use grabber?

1. No more posting articles

2. More efficient time and energy

3. Let money flow into your account

How does a grabber earn money?

1. Simply put banner / pop up ads in a strategic place

2. Share your website to social networks

3. Visitors = Traffic. so much traffic then $$ will flow

4. Expand quality backlinks and keywords so that our website in the top position search Google

The advantages of this script:

1. Light and responsive via the Web and Mobile (Mobile).

2. No youtube fire limit so it doesn't have to be difficult to use youtube fire.

3. Using Top Itunes so every time a song hits, it will continue to update automatically.

4. Search for the word AZ | 0-9 (Everything is there)

5. The video / mp3 link downloads 100% of the advertisement number. So visitors don't get tense with ads.

6. Using sitemap.xml automatically so that every sitemap search is always updated. For example (

7. There is a mp3 player to reduce youtube quota usage

8. Indexing all youtube videos 100% can be downloaded.

9. Can use safelink / shoreten url for example: - - etc.

10. Anti click kanan , ctrl+u dan f12 untuk mencegah dari hal tidak diinginkan.

NB : Jika anda membeli di kamu bisa request warna template utama ( Original Warna template Merah )

F.A.Q **************

Q : Do I have to have special expertise in the field of computers (PHP / programming language)?

A : No need, bro. You just have to upload and make it right.

Q : How do I get traffic from this grabber?

A : You can get traffic from search engines and social media by sharing your website on social media. and don't forget the SEO and backlink optimization so that our website becomes the top 1 search

-Remember traffic = $$ $$

Q : I am still confused about how to install it?

A : In this .zip script you will find out the tutorial from the beginning to the end

Q : If I don't understand the method and the step step, how do I contact the seller?

A : In the .zip folder there is a Whatsapp number I am 100% fast response, so don't worry if I'm offline from p-store

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

Support 24 hours via WhatsApp if you have already purchased at

For Orders we will send 1 x 24 depending on the admin's busy schedule 

Let's collect $$ with our script grabber 

Thank you..


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