Sell source code Cash Reward App (Android Studio + Web Panel) For $3

Created : 07 Jul 2018 23:42 in Script & Programming
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This app could make you $5000 a month! 

A reskin of this app got over 100,000 downloads in 3.5 months!

In this cash reward app you will find great ad networks: Chartboost, Vungle, RevMob, Adcolony, Trialpay, Tapjoy, Adxmi, Supersonic,, Superrewards and Whitemobi. 

You will get the Android Studio source code to this app and the back panel. Also included are instructions for setting up this project. 

This is a safe app and all users actions are sent to your back panel, so you can always track the users actions to see how the points were achieved. 

Each user can only create one account, which prevents users from creating endless accounts and cheating. 

Points cannot be cheated, as they are all stored on the server. 

App also includes friend referral and push notifications that can be sent from firebase or straight from your back panel. 

There's a 25 points daily reward that is always counted down with a 24 hour timer. 

Cash out/Redeem is available for Amazon, Paypal, Google Play, Bitcoin, Paytm, Skrill. 


The revenue of your reskinned version depends on several factors. The information above illustrates an example of a successful reskin.

F.A.Q **************

Q: Apakah script nulled anda menjualnya terlalu murah

A: Bukan ini script langsung di beli dari chupamobile dijamin original

Q: Apakah 3$ sudah termasuk webpanel?

A: Tentu saja

Q: Kenapa saya harus beli disini?

A: Karena jika anda beli di chupamobile harganya 69$ jika anda beli disini harganya cuma 3$ dan dijamin original

Q: Kenapa anda menjualnya begitu murah?
A: Karena saya kurang mampu mengelola aplikasi seperti ini jadi daripada dibiarkan mending saya jual rugi :)

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Buyers Feedback

  • da***
    nice bermanfaat recomended top seller
    09 Jun 2019
  • masterc****
    Aplikasinya bagus. Tapi yg contoh apknya gak berfungsi
    03 Jun 2019
  • Xgawe2***
    SC ini perlu perbaikan SDKnya supaya support SDK 27 atau SDK 28. kalau bisa diganti sc nya ya gan. makasih
    15 May 2019
  • Arom***
    (Review otomatis oleh Sistem)
    16 Apr 2019
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