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Created : 04 May 2018 10:28 in Script & Programming
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     Superlist is the result of several years of active development in
WordPress. Theme is trying to offer best directory experience with all
out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have complete
directory solution.

Plugins bundled in theme: Boxes, Claims, Coupons, Currencies, FAQ, Favorites, Fields, Google Map, Google Places, Invoices, Listing Slider, Mail Templates, Notifications, Packages, Partners, PayPal, Pricing, Properties, reCAPTCHA, Reviews, Shop, Statistics, Stripe, Testimonials, Watchdogs

Theme has strong focus on code quality. Everything has its own
plugin and proper documentation. It is quite easy to modify theme or the
plugin from the child theme because everything is properly wrapped in
action or filter hook. Experienced developers will be happy to use the
theme. With the good code is easier to create a great and maintable


F.A.Q **************

PRODUK ADALAH ORIGINAL bukan nulled atau crackit. File Aman


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