Sell Source Code Game Special Squad vs Zombies For $30

Created : 23 Feb 2018 17:28 in Script & Programming
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Jual source code game dari sellmyapp. 

Source code ini tanpa lisensi.Jadi aman untuk di gunakan, tidak terganggu oleh lisensi. 

Contoh game yang sudah saya buat dan saya upload di playstore : 

Link Sellmyapp : 

JIka source telah di kirim, tidak ada alasan untuk refound. Karen produk non fisik. Saya juga melayani jasa reskin untuk game ini sampai siap upload ke playstore. 


  • Unity 5.3.3 or above
  • Support many platform: iOS, Android, OS X, Window.
  • This is a completed game designer, sound, effects, game-play, full map, full resource, full animation.
  • Easily customize: you can easily customize anything(Units, Enemies, Quests, Levels…) with Unity Editor and full document
  • Over 40 level were designed very good, you can easily create new level with Editor.
  • Get Free Reward: Player have to watch video to get reward (every 15 minutes).
  • Get Daily Reward: Player have to Share Facebook to get reward.
  • A lot of In-App Purchase: Player can buy Gem and Gold using IAP.
  • Smart Advertising: You can edit when and where ad will be shown. (Admob with Banner and Interstitial, UnityAds).
  • Diversity Quest Systems: each quest will never end. It will always increase after completed.
  • Local notification: When full energy, can get reward and after 2 days if player don’t login game.
  • Energy system: Player have to use 1 Energy to play each level. Energy will be refill in some minutes and the time to refill energy will increase after each level.
  • Anti-Cheat: Player cannot cheat or hack the game in anyway.
  • Player can buy Energy by using Gem or Invite Friend.
  • Game were designed perfect (feedback from player).
  • You should play the game to get the best experience.

  • F.A.Q **************

    Apakan Bisa membatu untuk reskin?

    Saya menyediakan jasa reskin untuk game ini. silahkan pilih jasa tambahan di bawah. 

    Apakah ada jaminan pasti di terima di google play? 

    Jaminan uang kembali jika Game yang saya reskin di tolak google play. 

    jika saya reskin sendiri, apa pasti di terima google play? 

    Itu sesuai Game anda, pastikan sesuai prosedur.

     Apakah ada tutorial di dalam paket? 

    tutorial lengkap dari tambah level, sampai pembelian dalam aplikasi (In app purchase)

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