Sell QuillBot Premium Account + Freebies - Envato Elements (1 Month), Skillshare (4 Months)​ For $20

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QuillBot was created as a full-sentence thesaurus to help students and professionals write faster and with more confidence. Our users have found many creative ways to utilize our product, preparing doctoral theses, crafting legal emails, and document translation among others!

Free account: A free account is one created by a user, which is free to use. These have access to three modes, three Synonyms settings, and may paraphrase up to 700 characters at once. They may also summarize 5,000 characters at once and use our available extensions.

Premium account: A premium account is an account that has a paid subscription associated with it. These accounts get the same features as free users, as well as additional features only available to premium users.

Increased character limit: Premium accounts may paraphrase up to 10,000 characters at once, and summarize up to 25,000 characters at once.

Four additional modes: Creative+, Shorten, Expand, and Formal modes are unlocked with a premium account.

The highest Synonyms setting: The highest setting lets you replace the most words possible using the Synonyms

Faster processing: Premium accounts have their text paraphrased faster.

Compare Modes: This feature allows you to see a single sentence in multiple modes at once to compare results.

Freeze Words: The ability to prevent the paraphraser from changing certain words or phrases.

Show longest unchanged words: This allows you to see the longest section of your text that remains the same as the original after paraphrasing.

Freebies on every purchase

Envato Elements (1 Month), Skillshare (4 Months)​

Warrenty  Policy​

- your account will be activated to annual subscription.​

- its gonna be your own email account.

- yealy activation for Quillbot will be shown in your subscription

If any of above things will be not delived you can ask for replacemnt and if anything happenms with your account just send me text on here (p-store) will look into it and resolve it as fast as i can.

F.A.Q **************

What You Will Get?​

- QuillBot Premium Account with Your Own Email Address​

Delivery Time​

- 24-48 hours

One-Year Subscription from the time the account was created/given?

- The account will be created after you make your payment.

The account will be shared or a personal account?

- I will create your premium subscription using your own email address.

Can I use the Arabic language?

- I think it only supports English., for further you can check on their website.

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