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Sell Kupon AWS $40 Amazon Web Services Credit Code Lightsail EC2 AWSEDUCATE40CY21_0301 For $8

Created : 05 Apr 2021 04:38 in Akun
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Hello everyone

Now available aws credit code with $40 value come with new event.

One AWS account Can use up to Two credit codes of This Event


 Stackable 2 codes per AWS account. For this AWS event ID, You can add
up to 2 of this Event to your Account(even if it was used up).

 So please make sure that if you have added These Codes to your AWS Account before.

 if you already have added 2 codes from this event, Please do not buy it, Because credit codes will not work.


$40AWS Promotional Codes


 Event ID :  Event ID : AWSEDUCATE40CY21_0301


 Expiration Date - 03/31/2022


 $40 AWS Promotional Codes

Complete list of services :

These services can be used with the associated credit:

AMAZONROUTE53REGIONALCHINAAWS AmplifyAWS AppSyncAWS Audit ManagerAWS BackupAWS BudgetsAWS Certificate ManagerAWS Cloud MapAWS CloudFormationAWS CloudHSMAWS CloudTrailAWS CodeArtifactAWS CodeCommitAWS CodeDeployAWS CodePipelineAWS ConfigAWS Cost ExplorerAWS Data ExchangeAWS Data PipelineAWS Data TransferAWS DataSyncAWS Database Migration ServiceAWS DeepRacerAWS Device FarmAWS Direct ConnectAWS Directory ServiceAWS Elemental MediaConnectAWS Elemental MediaConvertAWS Elemental MediaLiveAWS Elemental MediaPackageAWS Elemental MediaStoreAWS Elemental MediaTailorAWS Firewall ManagerAWS Global AcceleratorAWS GlueAWS Glue Elastic ViewsAWS GreengrassAWS Ground StationAWS Import/ExportAWS Import/Export SnowballAWS IoTAWS IoT 1 ClickAWS IoT AnalyticsAWS IoT Device DefenderAWS IoT Device ManagementAWS IoT EventsAWS IoT SiteWiseAWS IoT Things GraphAWS Key Management ServiceAWS LambdaAWS Network FirewallAWS OpsWorksAWS OutpostsAWS RoboMakerAWS Secrets ManagerAWS Security HubAWS Service CatalogAWS ShieldAWS Snowball Extra DaysAWS Step FunctionsAWS Storage GatewayAWS Storage Gateway Deep ArchiveAWS Support (Business)AWS Support (Developer)AWS Systems ManagerAWS Transfer FamilyAWS WAFAWS X-RayAlexa Top SitesAlexa Web Information ServiceAlexa for BusinessAmazon API GatewayAmazon AppFlowAmazon AppStreamAmazon AthenaAmazon Augmented AIAmazon BraketAmazon ChimeAmazon Chime Business Calling a service sold by AMCS LLCAmazon Chime Call MeAmazon Chime DialinAmazon Chime FeaturesAmazon Chime Voice Connector a service sold by AMCS LLCAmazon Cloud DirectoryAmazon CloudFrontAmazon CloudSearchAmazon CognitoAmazon Cognito SyncAmazon ComprehendAmazon ConnectAmazon Connect Customer ProfilesAmazon DetectiveAmazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)Amazon DynamoDBAmazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR)Amazon ElastiCacheAmazon Elastic Compute CloudAmazon Elastic Container ServiceAmazon Elastic Container Service for KubernetesAmazon Elastic File SystemAmazon Elastic InferenceAmazon Elastic MapReduceAmazon Elastic TranscoderAmazon Elasticsearch ServiceAmazon FSxAmazon ForecastAmazon GameLiftAmazon GlacierAmazon GuardDutyAmazon HoneycodeAmazon InspectorAmazon Interactive Video ServiceAmazon KendraAmazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)Amazon KinesisAmazon Kinesis AnalyticsAmazon Kinesis FirehoseAmazon Kinesis Video StreamsAmazon LexAmazon LightsailAmazon Lookout for VisionAmazon MQAmazon Machine LearningAmazon MacieAmazon Managed BlockchainAmazon Managed Streaming for Apache KafkaAmazon Managed Workflows for Apache AirflowAmazon Mobile AnalyticsAmazon NeptuneAmazon PersonalizeAmazon PinpointAmazon PollyAmazon Quantum Ledger DatabaseAmazon QuickSightAmazon RedshiftAmazon RekognitionAmazon Relational Database ServiceAmazon Route 53Amazon S3 Glacier Deep ArchiveAmazon SageMakerAmazon Simple Email ServiceAmazon Simple Notification ServiceAmazon Simple Queue ServiceAmazon Simple Storage ServiceAmazon Simple Workflow ServiceAmazon SimpleDBAmazon SumerianAmazon TextractAmazon TimestreamAmazon TranscribeAmazon TranslateAmazon Virtual Private CloudAmazon WorkDocsAmazon WorkLinkAmazon WorkSpacesAmazon WorkSpaces Application ManagerAmazonCloudWatchAmazonWorkMailCloudWatch EventsCodeBuildCodeGuruComprehend MedicalContact Center Telecommunications (service sold by AMCS, LLC) DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)Elastic Load BalancingVMware Cloud on AWS

F.A.Q **************

Q:Is the credit code legal?


Q:Is the credit code valid?

A:Yes, expiration date 03/31/2022

Q:How long is the delivery?

A:Instant delivery online, otherwise the time difference is as long as 12 hours

Q:Do you have any other questions?

A:Please contact p-store online

Q:Is there a warranty?

A:24-hour guarantee, as long as the credit code has not been used

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