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Jual Game VALORANT Account Beta Test. Mail + Full Access Untuk $6

Dibuat : 22 Apr 2020 21:06 di Akun
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After payment you will receive VALORANT Account Mail + Full access with access to the beta test of the VALORANT game. This account can be used in Russia and in Europe and in any other country, which means that you will play with people on servers from these regions. IMPORTANT !!! On the account, no one played before you and on each account you can create your nickname, which is completely unique. We also guarantee that you will not get a BAN on one of our accounts.After payment you will receive MAIL (Login; Password). RIOT (Login; Password).Riot Games, which made League of Legends, unexpectedly announced its own online shooter, Projec A. And now it’s clear: the project’s roots clearly grow from Counter-Strike. However, you can forget about the working title “Project A” right now. The real title of the game is Valorant. Apparently, this is a reference to the English word Valor, which means "courage." What does an account with full access mean? All advantages:You get an account with FULL ACCESS.


On the current homepage only the EU, NA ... area has a download, so those outside the area will not be able to downloadDownload any VPN and Fake IP to the US.Visit: Click LOG IN and log in to the account you provide3. Download the game4. Play!

Change mail and pass:

F.A.Q **************

- Do I have a warranty?

Warranty in case the account is not logged in.

- Can I change my mail and password?

Well you can change.

- Am I being instructed?

Yes, I will guide you if you get stuck.



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