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Jual Akun Paypal USA Business Verify Untuk $50

Dibuat : 27 Des 2019 16:03 di Akun
Dilihat : 422x

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Akun Paypal USA Business verify:

- Email.

- Phone ( Google voice).

- Card.

- Bank.

- ssn, claim money.

- ID : Passport / Driver Lisence.

Incluse VPS 1 year ( aws cloud full access).

Incluse  Document ID and Bill , Reciept, Invoice.

I also give a Ebook for new User Paypal account.

Paypal ready to received and send money. But this is Fresh account so you need to do a small to safe for Account.

F.A.Q **************

1. How to keep account activity safe ?

I give you full access RDP , I also give you an Ebook to guide you about use new paypal account.

2. Can I change Email / Password / Phone number...?

when you Access account, you can change anythings you want, but I not recommend.

3. How much is the fee?

For USA it's FREE. But if you send / receive from other country, the fee = 4.99$. You also send by Goods but new account will get hold money 21 days.

4. how about warranty?

Fresh account and I also have test some transaction for recevied/send money. Only guaranty for login account. not for used.

5. when time account get limit and need verify proof ?

when you recevie over 1500k usd. New account will get verification proof address/Business by Paypal.


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