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CJ Comission Junction by Conversant

AffiliateBenchmarks, the affiliate marketing research division of House of Kaizen, recently released the results of its eleventh annual survey.

With about 1,200 respondents including Advertisers, Publishers, and Agencies, CJ Affiliate was once again (!) selected as the Network of Choice for Publishers—more than any other network combined.

Value of Affiliate
Additional findings from the survey prove the value of the channel as a whole. The majority of Advertiser respondents state that their affiliate activities in 2019 have so far met their expectations, with 25% saying their expectations were exceeded. In addition 42% of Advertisers have seen a YOY sales increase as a result of affiliate marketing efforts, and 80% expect revenue to continue to increase over the next two years.

A Look Forward
As a result of their success with the channel, 41% of Advertisers plan to devote more of their budget to affiliate marketing next year. In addition, the majority of Advertisers are looking to grow their programs with Content Publishers—a whopping 76% of Advertisers are looking to recruit Content Sites, Bloggers, and Influencers to their programs. In regards to marketing developments, the majority of Advertisers (52%) say that website personalization, and dynamic creative advertising (48%) will shape affiliate marketing in the coming year.

For complete survey results, contact AffiliateBenchmarks directly.

http:// affiliatebenchmarks ( dot) com/contact.php

F.A.Q **************

Q : Ready Gan?
A : Ready gan

Q : Ada berapa akun kah?
A : 1 Slot saja gan.

Q : Apa kelebihan CJ dari pada Affiliate Network yang lain?
A : The Best Affiliate Network 2019 gan, Jauh peringkatnya dibanding dengan Amazon, Clickbank, JV Zoo, dll

Q : Offer nya apa aja gan?
A : Varian vertical gan, dari games, dating, survey, loan, dll. Pokoknya serba ada gan.

Q : Bagaimana dengan focus GEos nya?
A : Mainstream, Worldwide, Global, UK, FR, US, dll

Q : Kenapa dijual gan?
A : Kebanyakan akun CPA gan, jadi gak fokus kerjanya.

Q : Bagaimana cara kerjanya gan?
A : Saya jual akun aja gan klo soal tutorial, diluar sana banyak yang membagikan tutor tentang CJ. Agan tinggal ketik keyword "CJ tutorial" di kolom google search.

Q : Mahal amat gan?
A : Pricelist produk saya ditetapkan berdasarkan tingkat kesulitan saya mendapatkan produk tsb gan.


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