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Setiap transaksi di P-Store.Net sudah otomatis menggunakan sistem Escrow (Rekening Bersama) jadi selama proses jual/beli dana berada di P-Store.Net & akan diserahkan ke seller saat transaksi terkonfirmasi sukses. Ingin berbelanja ? Silahkan baca Tutorial Cara Berbelanja

Tools wajib untuk pemain amazon kelas kakap.

Included with AMZ Pros:

How to Find The Right Product - I share all my insider tips and tricks in to ensuring you find the right product to sell.

How to Find the Right Suppliers - making sure you pick the right
suppliers is crucial but also making sure that you don't get manipulated
online by the many fraudulent sellers is vital.

How to Make Use of SEO Ranking Amazon Offers - Anyone can list a
product on Amazon but being able to Search Engine Optimize you product
is crucial, without this no ones sees your product and you will never

How to create the best title and product description - We break
down the steps required to create the best selling listing and ensure
your title is keyword rich and attention grabbing, this again will
separate you from the competition

The best way of shipping your product to Amazon - making sure you
understand shipping and we provide you with the contacts you need to
ship your products for the best prices - this means you can ensure that
you are able to maintain great margins and make sure your business is

How best to label your products so that they not refused by Amazon -
many sellers have issues and realise that they have done all this hard
work and Amazon simply refused their shipment. We make sure this does
not happen to you

How to get your product to Page 1 - Learn the magic launch
technique we use to get our products in front of millions of customers
How to create a brand which stands out - we help you private label your
products, meaning no one is able to sell them but you. We will guide you
through all the steps to getting your brand completed with custom
packaging, etc.

LIVE Web Classes - we will be offering LIVE web classes in which
we answer all of your questions and you are never left alone to figure
things out. We guide you every step of the way.

LIVE Face-To-Face Sessions – we offer exclusive drop in sessions
where you can help with your business where we help you in person and
answer any questions you have in our offices. 

FREE access to some of the best tools available
- using these tools will not only save you time but will also allow you
to make the best moves, only a few sellers know about these tools which
make your life easier and get you tons of sales.
Finally, you will be joining a community of sellers, just like you with
the opportunity to work with successful sellers who will advise you
every step of the way.

On top of all this, with our programme you get a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee -
if you take action and follow the programme but don’t make any money we
will give you a refund you have nothing to loose - take action and join

PLUS Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus 1 - Secret Software

Inside the
course I reveal the software I use to find the best selling products,
analyse competition and get reviews to sky rocket sales. Better yet, I
give you FREE limited time access to this software!  

Exclusive Bonus 2 - Shipping
Inside the course, you will get access to the best, honest and most
reliable shipping contacts I have found and used over and over again to
get my goods to Amazon. This should avoid you have any issues with
losing your products or paying above odds for shipping and this having
an impact on your margins.

Exclusive Bonus 3 - Barcodes

Inside the Course, I will be providing you with FREE barcodes,
these barcodes can be difficult to buy and may cause issues if you use
the wrong ones. Barcoding and labelling is where many people go wrong
when they decide to go it alone. With AMZ Pros, it is all done for you.

Exclusive Bonus 4 - Exclusive Group

With AMZ Pros you will get access to our exclusive members-only
Groups accessible by Facebook and Whatsapp, where you can ask questions
and engage with fellow students as well as mentors who are already well
established. You will also have access to dedicate e-mail support where
you can request a 1-1 session.

Exclusive Bonus 5 - Professional Images Solutions
With AMZ Pros, you will get access to the best images professionals
and solutions available. You will have the opportunity to get create
images which help sell your products. Images really sell your products.

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